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Job Title

Post-Doctoral Fellow/Research Fellow


West China Research Center for Rural Health Development (WCRC•RHD), Sichuan University / West China School of Public Health, Sichuan University


Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R. China


The salary is contract based, inclusive of social/medical insurance.

Center Background

Based in Sichuan University, a leading comprehensive University in Western China, the Center was established in 2010 with support from the China Medical Board (CMB) and Sichuan University (SU), and has been named as the CMB Collaborating Center in Western Rural Health Development in 2012. The Center will target health inequity issues in rural Western China through multidisciplinary research collaboration, and will focus on capacity building of next generation young researchers in the field of Health Policy System Science (HPSS) through project oriented training and research. The Center’s long term research focus is on healthcare issues among the most disadvantaged population such as left-behind population, minority, elderly and mentally ill population, with devoting efforts to provide with scientific evidence which could be translated into better policy for universal health equity.


The Center has six full time faculties with higher degrees in the disciplines of Health Policy and Economics, Biostatistics, Health Behaviour, Social Medicine and Health Management, and two master students. The Center director, Professor Min Yang, is an experienced Biotatistician with international reputation in multilevel modelling and recently returned from Nottingham University in the UK. Recently the center staff is actively conducting 12 research projects in relevant areas that are funded by China Nature Sciences Foundation, CMB, European Research Council, NIH and the University Funding for Young Researcher. The Center is enjoying the full support for teaching and researching from West China School of Public Health. Full details of the School can be found in (

Job Level

The job comes at two levels, Research Fellow or Senior Research Fellow. The post of Research Fellow is suitable for new graduates with PhD degree. The position holder can apply for Post-doc program during the contract period through special arrangement. The Senior Research Fellow is suitable for mature researchers with at least 3 years teaching and research experience in higher education sectors (university) either in China or abroad after PhD study or Post-doc training.   


Contract Status

Full time for 24 months with a probation period of 6 months. Position holders are reporting to the Center Director.


Main Responsibilities

For Senior Research Fellow:

·         Developing grant applications for research projects concerning healthcare and health policy related to disease burden, health inequality, health service quality and health care burdens in western China;

·         Conducting epidemiologic and health economic analyses of publically available datasets;

·         Writing papers based on original research or systematic reviews;

·         Assisting in developing national and international collaboration in joint research or networking;

·         Assisting in supervising researchers on sub-contracted projects of the Center;

·         Assisting in developing and managing center’s training programs;

·         Participating in other projects as it becomes necessary;

·         Assisting dissemination of research findings.

For Research Fellow:

·         Assisting in developing grant application for research projects in the Center’s priory areas;

·         Conducting epidemiologic and health economic analyses of publically available datasets;

·         Writing papers based on original research or systematic reviews;

·         Coordinate sub-contracted projects of the center;

·         Coordinate center’s training programs;

·         Participating in other core projects of the Center as it becomes necessary;

·         Assisting dissemination of research findings.


Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications & Experience




Qualifications/ Education


·       Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree in public health, health policy and development, economics, epidemiology/biostatistics

·       Post-doc training or equivalent qualification in the above disciplines for the senior position

·       Research training in health policy or health economic evaluation




·       Quantitative data analysis, familiar with main stream statistical packages such as Stata, SPSS.

·       Excellent writing skills in Chinese.

·       Good skills in English reading, comprehension and writing. 

·       Familiar with other appropriate packages e.g. S-plus, M-Plus, R, SAS, MLwiN




·       Independently performed quantitative methods to medical and public health research.

·       Handled real datasets from public health or medical or health economic research.

·       Conducted research projects as a PI or Co-PI (for the senior position)

·       Published papers in peer reviewed academic journals

·         Experience in qualitative research

·         Developed research application for funding purpose (for the senior position).


Personal Attributes

·       Ability to work independently as well as part of a team

·       Good oral and written communication skills

·       Good time-management and ability to work under pressure

·       Self-motivated




How to Apply: Interested applicants should send a letter for application, together with a full CV, selected publications, a statement of current and future research interests, and three names of referees (with contact information) through email to:; For further details, please contact Dr Peiyuan Qiu at or 86-28-85501096.


The deadline for submission of application is on 15th Mar 2014. If the applicants are shortlisted for the vacancy, we will arrange the interview as soon as possible.



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